The efficient ingredient, LACTOPAD™ – springing from our probiotic research, is trailblazing within care for blemish skin.

Probiotics, also referred to as lactic acid bacteria, is one of the body’s own small miracles. Millions of microscopic one-celled organisms, constituting 70% of our immune defence system, take care of our body. Quite natural and highly efficient in the defence against unwanted bacteria.

Today, we have attained quite comprehensive knowledge about the lactic acid bacteria. We can select and investigate those with a particularly interesting effect. Through this process, our researchers discovered that LACTOPAD™ will efficiently target the P. acnes organism – which gave us the very key to efficient care of blemish skin.


LACTOPAD™ binds to the P. acnes cell membrane

LACTOPAD™ punctures the membrane

The P. acnes bacteriais now harmless

LACTOPAD™ neutralises the P. acnes bacteria

Our unique probiotic technology, LACTOPAD™ – used in the LACTOClear™ skin care system, has proved to bind to the P. acnes bacteria. When you use the LACTOClear™ products, the number of outbreaks, spots and impurities will thus be visibly reduced, whereas the valuable bacteria flora will be preserved. This means an opportunity to obtain cleaner skin – completely without irritation and dehydration, because we protect the natural flora and nourish the skin.

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